New York Indie Shorts Awards presents one of the biggest shortfilm live event of the season, with +100 films, masterclasses and great networking possibilities in the heart of New York.

Our Live Screening Event in the vibrant city of New York is held at the amazing CINEPOLIS LUXURY CINEMAS CHELSEA located at 260 W 23rd St, New York.

Join our 3-day Live Event, more than 100 films specially curated by our Program Director in theme blocks, Q&A’s with international filmmakers, masterclasses and panels by industry professionals and an exclusive VIP Lounge dedicated for filmmakers to network.

Our Live Screening Event in the vibrant city of New York is held at the amazing CINEPOLIS LUXURY CINEMAS CHELSEA located at 260 W 23rd St, New York.

Join our 3-day Live Event, more than 100 films specially curated by our Program Director in theme blocks, Q&A’s with international filmmakers, masterclasses and panels by industry professionals and an exclusive VIP Lounge dedicated for filmmakers to network.

As Filmmakers we know the importance of screening a film in a full cinema, not only for the networking possibilities, but also because we make movies to be seen on a big screen. We are fully committed to run our events in person honoring the best projects of the season.

September 8th 2022 – September 10th 2022

Brave films that support and inspire others to speak up and stand out without fear.

The Originals by Cristina Maria Costantini, Alfie Kim Koetter

Wind River:full court peace by Massimo Soto, Reece Weinberger

Hard Labour by Apolla Echino

When They’re Gone by Kristen Hwang

This Mortal Plastik by Jess Irish

LOTUS by Angelika Fürstler, Austin Ahlborg

On The Other Side by Patrice LaCroix

a message never sent by Nnamdi Simon

Luck is alive by Paul Ward

Learning to fly by Charlie Alberto IV

Ghost Island by Lisandro Suriel

Into The Colors by Jessica Teresa Juliao

SIMULACRA by Curry Sicong Tian

Stories about folks who are different, an invitation to consider both the positive and negative aspects of people who choose to live their lives independently.

DANIEL by Jordan Allen-Dutton

Lamara by Bo Yoon Ha

Special delivery by Robert Hackett

Get Home Safe by Tamara Denić

Waking up by Dion Costelloe

Five Pounds of Pressure by Liam Petite

Crushing Season by James Hoare

Atonement by Kaveh Akaber

The Turn of the Screw by Chris Fretwell

Triggered by Tara Westwood

Laughter is the best medicine. The season’s funniest selection, a variety of music videos and other surprising works.

Close Ties to Home Country by Akanksha Cruczinsky

RECRUTE-MOI by Gaël Leforestier

Love & Other Mental Disorders by Ben Ulm

Yellow Jack by HARRY SANNA

Sunshades by Linus von Stumberg

Technology Minded by joey james salehi

Dimension by Cate Hamilton by Peter Dolshun

IN MEMORIAM – Nach & Kany García by Willy Rodríguez

Tr4p by Lina Westphal

The Bull Cage by James Kippen Grachos, Sam Gibson Downey

Hardboiled by Peter Sluszka

Strong women with powerful stories. The inner voice of female characters who trespass any imposed boundaries.

Ciervo by Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma

Women of Burden by Kevin Casey, Sean Casey

500 Calories by Cristina Spina

Curandera by Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann

Spaceship by Jorge G. Camarena

The sands between by Aidan Tanner

One Of Us by Adrian Burt

Stairs by Jeph Porter

The End by Nicola Tremain

There goes that life by Arantxa Hurtado

Turning Blue by Dana White, Christopher Knoblock

Every family has its own secrets and lies. Stories about the strongest bond between human beings.

We Do This Once by Michael Marantz

Last Seen by Nathan Ginter

MARY MEET GRACE by Faryl Amadeus

Homesick by Koya Kamura

On Your Behalf by Ana Garcia Rico

CARNATION by Aya Bassiouni

The Show by Frederic Kau

Hold the lighthouse by Thomas Soto

A day will come by nicolas cazalé

We don’t ask you to keep silent; feel free to scream, but remain seated until the end. The competition’s spookiest shorts!

Anima Possession by WAI MO CHAN

White eyes by Jeffrey Brown

Household demons by John Gray

Kin by Sarah Gross

Amorphe by Vincent MEILAC

The Way Things Go by Tofer Moran

It’s in the Air by Eddie Frente

Henwick by Gaius Milne Brown

Killing Time by Michael Gilliss

A good narrative brings together imagination, fantasy and melody. Prepare to escape reality and take in the enchantment of cinema.

Barking Orders by Alexander Tullo

Shooom’s Odyssey by Julien Bisaro

The Thief by Arturo Brena

The Boy by Jonathan Gibney

Lock Town by Klaus Hoefs

My Jeopardy by Roman Muradov

Lady Betty by Paul McGrath

Period drama by Anushka Tina Nair, Lauryn Anthony

Spoon by Arthur Chays

Death and The Lady by Geoff Bailey, Lucy Struever

A Dream Of Hawaii by Thomas Smoor Smoor Isaksen

Existence by Wenjia SHOU

The Bird & the Whale by Carol Freeman

Pastel Slough by Kiha Ahn

The Boy Who Seeped Slime by Jenna Provost

The Otherside by David Wilson

Gaslight by Kristen Yuan, Mild Kamolluck Niamkongkit

Iudicatus (‘Judged’) by AnnaSophia Nicely

dreamer by Vladimir Todorov

Someplace in Time by Scott Palazzo

7 LBS 8 OZ by Yoo Lee

fallen leaves by Thomas Edgar-McNerney

good goodbye by Jiacong Gu

WhatKilledTimmyBenson by Nick Cremers

We can’t stop moving; the only certain thing is change. Explore the deepest feelings of those who are attempting to grow up.

Pandas in Love by Elena Pilar Nyffeler

King max by Adèle Vincenti-Crasson

Study Night by Olive McGowen

RABBIT by Jasper Fletcher, Lukas Fletcher

Chucky Boy Blue by Tim Nathan

Peaches by Benjamin Hunt

Never Look Back by Linda Bournane Engelberth

Flick-a-Cig by Elena Weiss

Sometimes Dancing by Keith Herron

Stories can make us laugh, cry, or even feel afraid. Discover these inspirational stories that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Runaway by Daniel Fries

JUNE by Dwayne Cameron

KOLD by Marley Hasselbach

nobody listens anymore by Leo Bill

Brume by Maureen Payne-Hahner

the daughter by Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas

TALA’VISION by Murad Abu Eisheh

In addition all semifinalists films will become part of our quarterly virtual event, a great opportunity to showcase their project to an international audience and compete for cash prizes.


September 1st 2022 – September 5th 2022

Wolves by Jesús Celaya

A Song of the Land by César Velasco

More Than Meets The Eye by David Samson

Numano by Corey David Fuller

One hundred and three farmers by François Lluelles, Vincent Lluelles

Our Highest Priority by Emma Macklin, Daniel Karan

The Confession by Clark Stefanic

The Show Must Go On by Brooks Petershack

Encounter by Arctic Qu

Fish-Man by Allexia Galvão

IZIGO by Manu Coeman

The UnWanted Guest by Adrian Burt

A MAN WHO LOVES ME by Frederique Barraja

The Lizard Laughed by Allen Cordell

Chiqui by Carlos Cardona

Again by Olivier La Combe

Hand by Stephen Kang

I Love Today’s Sky by Kazuma Yano

I, Adonis by Angelo Raaijmakers

Leopard by Kamil Domaradzki, Ali Zoghi

Lizard by Emily Gularte

The Wonder by Adelaide Helena (McDougall)

if i were you by Kate O’Sullivan Australia

Sunny Side Up by Wendy Jane

The great appeal of the cherry blossom by Luka Ivy Pita Franca Kluskens

Cart Wrangler by Rose Marcello, Max Smith, Gabriel Sgandurra

8 Rooms by Anita Louise Lebeau

PEOPLE in MOTION by Christoph Lauenstein

Sweet Howl by Montserrat Larqué, Juan Carlos Lelo de Larrea

The House of Loss by Jinkyu Jeon

The Top Spot by Frank Weber

Fog of War – Short Film by Steven Lundgren

PHENOMENON by Mikhail Romanovich Saliukov

Adieu Amour by Florence Maninet 

BINOCULARS by Amir Awesta

BIRHA – The Journey Back Home by Puneet Prakash Pandey

Closed to the Light by Nicola Piovesan

Devil’s Bar by Michael Hall

Eco Diego by Sepulveda

FOTOS by Arnaud Rivaille

High Jump by Lennert Madou

How To Eat A Kiwi by CHOWOO LEE

The Impatient Man Who Made His Life Considerably Shorter by Louis Norton Selzer

High-stand by Péter Karácsony

HEGOAK by Andoni Betbeder

A Dark Moment of Faith by Zornitsa – Dimitrova

A Fish Out Of Water Miguel Hilario Verduzco

For I Am Dead by Patricia Delso Lucas

Les Clefs by Lauren Klocker, Tahnee Nordegg

Miner’s Candle by Manuela Schneider

One Shot by Christopher L. Miller

Run South by Frank Magree, David Cleeve

Swimming with Stones by Amber Yang

The Last Tree by Fredrik Sträng

Brother, Where Are You? by Shiloh Tumo Washington

MADLEEN by Wesley Tc Howard

Richter (40′) by Koloreto Cukali

Amache Rose by Billy Kanaly

An Intense Flare of Light by Roc Morin

Carrie Ann by Nikolai Frerichs


S1NGULAR Short Film by Ramon J. Goni

Silence by Olivier La Combe

Tabloid by Indie DiMartino


Shadow of the Night – The Short Documentary by Radhakrishnan Parthiban

FLY, BLACK BOY by Spencer Elliott-Hair